Monday, December 27, 2021

What is the difference between cargo and courier?

 The commercial organisation that deals with the transportation of goods to customers is known as Logistics. The distribution logistics delivers the products to the corresponding customers. Talking about courier and cargo, you might wonder what makes them different from each other? Courier and cargo are parcels that we send to some address. 

packing cargo

Major Differences between Cargo and Courier

We might be more familiar with courier rather than cargo. Because at least one courier we might have received or sent in our life. 

Courier service are considered to be small parcels. We use courier service to deliver messages, packages, clothing and small size products. Where as cargo service is particularly for big sized items. 

Courier can be a person or a company. They transfer your item from one place to another and finally reach at their destination. Cargo Services transport and reach to their destination via air, sea or land. 

Courier services take lesser time compared to cargo services. It is because cargo clearance is a complicated process. 

Now, let’s discuss about the weight of the items. Courier service is usually for lighter objects. But Cargo will be mostly heavier in size. 

Common people uses courier service, and business largely use cargo service. The cost per product is less in cargo service as compared to courier service. This is because cargo service will be transporting a lot of goods at a time where as courier might carry single product. 

What is Courier?

It is the service that allows us to send consignment and packages from one to other. They will allow us to track their live location as well. Fast delivery and security are the major features of this service. This online businesses who sell products online particularly depend on this service. This service also have national and international shipping services. 

When delivery is considered to be delivered in the same city, the two wheeler are used. But if it is to be moved t longer distances then four wheeler vehicles are used. 

What is cargo?

Cargo means the goods to be transported. When cargo term is used usually it also mentions to shipping firm or company. Cargo can be baggage, clothing, livestock or anything in large amount. 

To transfer a cargo from Qatar you will be depending on any Qatar aircargo! Wherever you are, you will get your item through cargo and courier service!

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Friday, November 26, 2021

Road Transportation Services


what is road transportation

Road transport!! What comes to mind while you think of Road transport. Road transport  involves the transportation of goods from one place to another through the road. As the name Road transport, here, road is the route between the destinations which has worked to enable transportation by the way of motorized and non motorized carriages. Apart from this there are many advantages of road transport in comparison to other means of transport. Investment in road transport is very less compared to other modes of transport such as railways and air transport. Cost of construction, operating cost and maintaining roads is cheaper than railways.

Road transport is classified based on goods and materials transporting. The major advantage of road transport is that it enables door to door delivery of goods in a cost effective manner. In rural areas road transport is the only way to enable door to door delivery of good and materials. Road transport is the only way for carrying goods and people to and from rural areas.

Road Freight Services

Road transport is less organized in comparison with other modes since it undependable and irregular. Also, rates for road transportation are unstable. As you may be aware that speed in road transport is slow and limited and that is a great drawback. In modern days, road transport has a negative impact on the environment. Road building require tar melting, concrete formulation and that is hazardous to the environment. Apart from that emission of nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, harmful air pollutants, benezene and this has an adverse respiratory health effects, serious threat to global warming.

Improvisation of road is a serious research topic and future road transport include aspects like solar panel road, cars with solar cells, vehicles with electric motors. Road transport of future aim is to work on these negativities and to turn them around.

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Saturday, October 30, 2021

Shipping Alliances Trends and it’s Benefit for the Clients

Shipping AlliancesTrends and it’s Benefit for the Clients

Shipping alliances occurs once very big shipping companies comes together. And after wards form an alliance. They agree that they will function together on various routes. This good alliance helps shipping companies to enhance and grow a larger network and to cover a huge area of the ocean.

In economically trying times, actually it was not possible for a shipping line to add more freight ships, it is tiresome to work with a limited number of ships. In such a case, shipping lines helps to make join forces and to share their freight ships. This helps to cuts down on the operational cost and also allows them to take on more and more clients. Instead of  introducing competitive rates and compromising on quality, making an alliance of shipping companies with other global companies makes the business more lucrative.

Ocean alliance provides more coverage, routes and a larger scope. This may sometimes be a step back for some free and independent shipping companies who does not like to merge, but it is actually  ten steps forward for their customers. It help for more import and export to happen and also for accelerating a lot of projects. Many people start to trust sea freight business and to ensure that they use it.  Customers start to understand more about the shipment.

It is more beneficial for the customers due to the large increase in shipping liner alliances. Shipping companies invests in bigger cargo ships for sea freight. These ships take more cargo and are brought up with newer technology so they become fuel efficient.  Delivery time is less and is better for the clients and thus become faster.

Other major benefit of these mergers is that it reduces cross-border problems and issues with the border ministries. Instead of having to deal with 8-10 shipping companies, they have to deal with lesser people, lesser companies which make the customs clearance procedure smoother.  For the clients, this means that the ocean freight delivery is done efficiently. All big shipping alliances have excellent custom clearance services all over the UAE. Contacts and links with the ministries and customs clearance make it easy for all of our customers’ orders to sail through and reach right on time.

To compete with other organizations, timing is key. If your goods are not transported efficiently, safely and on time, there is a possibility you could fall behind in the race against time. There are a few circumstances that can not be avoided like weather and accidents. That is why it is important to get in touch with a smart cargo and freight company that deals in multi-freight options like sea freight, air freight and ground transport. A company with a long history of freight transport is also your best bet, especially if they have been in the business for over a decade. Such freight organizations can guide you regarding the weather forecasts, insurance against accidents as well as giving you the most economical rates with a variety of options available.

Shipping companies that alliances with other companies forms to one big family that is there to support each other and help them become better. The clients benefit the most as they do not worry about relying on smaller companies. Also there is no 34 risk of cargo not reaching on time. Larger companies have better insurance policies and a repute to uphold, so they ensure that your goods are imported or exported right on time.


Thursday, September 30, 2021

Short Sea Shipping In Cargo Service

Short Sea shipping provides economical and environmental benefits. Many more companies are looking into the chances of short sea shipping, specially in Europe.

short sea shipping

What is short sea shipping?

It is the transport of goods by sea along the coat without crossing ocean or we can say that it is the shipping of goods by sea over shorter distances. This concept has been around for centuries. Before large container ships the dominated oceans, vessels used to sail short distances between European seaports that connects trade and contributes fast economic development. Now a days 40% of goods are moved across the globe via short sea shipping.

Why is short sea shipping important?

As the world's population grows, especially in developing countries, low-cost and efficient maritime transport has an essential role to play in growth and sustainable development. Short sea shipping makes sure that the benefits of trade and commerce are more evenly and wide spread.


How much can we benefit from short sea shipping?

Over the past years, interest in short sea has increased in Europe. Shipping companies realizes the benefits of short sea shipping. But EU has interest in ensuring the development of short sea shipping.

Short sea shipping Process

1. Transport to the port of loading.

2. Consignor issues the community status of goods.

3. Shipping company enters the container at the port of loading terminal  in the port community system.

4. A bill  is being submitted to the terminal by Shipping company and they declares community status of the goods.

5. Port terminal verifies the documentation of community status of the goods.

 6. Manifest the ship that is being updated by the shipping company including information about the status of the goods. 

7. Before departure the ship issues the required IMO FAL forms. 

8. Before and after the arrival as well as at the time of departure the ship submits data to the Swedish National Single Window.

9. The shipping company enters in the Swedish customs system container .

10. Community status of the goods is declared by the Shipping company.

11. Port terminal verifies the documentation of community status of the goods

12. Transports the goods from the port of discharge.


Benefits of short sea shipping

· Short sea shipping is economical and cost effective transport

· Provides consistent, reliable and timely services with guaranteed transit times

· Gives out geographical coverage across Europe

· Energy efficient and environmental friendly services

· Reduced road and traffic congestion

· Safer per ton mile mode



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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Introduction to Air Freight

Do you know that air freight is the only option for high value freight and urgent, special deliveries.  Air freight is enjoying increasing  popularity due to high reliability and high on time performance. Current market situation is more attractive and ocean freight is struggling with huge delays and high freight rates to the recent blockage of Suez Canal. So, this contributes to more airlines converting their fleet to cargo machines a offerings. Air freight has become indispensable and Asia has become the World’s largest transshipment hub. Let’s look more into the Air freight.

introduction to air freight

Understanding Air Freight

Air freight is defined as transportation of goods by aircraft. The cargo goods can be transported either o scheduled or charter flights based on the volume and urgency of freight. A general distinction between consolidated air freight and individual shipment, more commonly known as standard air freight. Standard air freight is loaded below the deck of passenger aircraft, so it is also known as a belly flight.

Small shipments are transported on ULD(Uni Load Device) containers. These are transported via liner, where entire space is filled with containers. More than two third of air cargo is transported on cargo aircraft and one third as additional cargo on regular passenger flights.  Most important categories of ir freight goods include electronics, pharmaceuticals products etc. Air cargo usually does not return to its point of loading and this results in overcapacity in one shipping direction.

Important Players in Air Freight Market

Shipper receives offers related to the available capacity of the carrier. In the case of air freight, air lines sell their capacities to the forwarders and they will fill them with cargo. Since we are travelling across many countries, a wide variety of country specific agreements are involved beyond the contractual setting of the cargo. To create uniformity and equal rights for all participants, International Air Transport Association(IATA) was formed. Freight Forwarder acts as a medium between carrier and customer also as an agent of IATA.

Calculation of Duration And Costs

The advantage of air freight is the speed. Courier goods are delivered latest the very next day while express goods arrives only after a maximum of three days and standard goods after a maximum of 7 days. Thus air freight is the fastest means of transportation, especially for time sensitive and valuable goods.

General Air Freight Rate Calculation

The  air freight rates calculation  is complex,apart from general rates there are other factors, such as commodity class rates and special rates, that influences the final price. Calculation basis depends on two quantities. The volume weight compared to the cargo’s actual weightBetter prices can be offered on routes that serve a high volume of air freight and the total amount of the ordered shipping volume will clearly decide the price. The final price for an airfreight shipment is made up of many factors.

Steps to be followed to get the goods into air

1. Determination of scope of the shipment in freight contract

2. Booking freight space and organize custom clearance.

3. Taking care of upstream, downstream stages in shipping process.

Advantages of Air Freight

1. Fastest, safest and most efficient way to transport goods.

2. Reliable mode of freight.

3. Risk of damage is less.

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Sunday, August 8, 2021

The Global Crisis of The Shipping Industry


Global trade has been difficult this year, with record demand and instability in the shipping industry. No amount of planning could have prevented the crisis, which is likely to last until 2023.

As a leading Cargo service in Qatar, we'll look at the facts underlying the condition of shipping and logistics in 2021, as well as what that data might tell us about the sector in 2022-23.

Top 4 Shipping Industry Changes after 2021

The global shipping industry was impacted more than any organization could handle as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. A new strategy was required to avoid a financial crisis in the shipping industry.

When it comes to freight, the global economy, exporters, importers, and other stakeholders are all trying to make the right decisions.

Here are the top four changes affecting the shipping industry's future.

  • Blockchain Could be Accepted

The year before, the shipping industry was pushed to complete digitization in order to simplify the supply chain while increasing the efficiency of global trade. As a result, businesses may begin to introduce Blockchain technology and applications. It will result in more cost-effective mechanisms and higher transactional cost savings.

  • Less Port Blockage

Port traffic delays can be alleviated by utilizing technology such as sea-faring data collection and smart, low-cost nodes. Furthermore, blockchain technology has the potential to improve the efficiency of maritime journeys. It will allow ships and seafarers to enter and exit ports more quickly, reducing the overall length of the journey.

  • Supplementary Ships for freight movement

When the pandemic first struck, demand for ship orders plummeted dramatically. However, demand growth has now outpaced shipping companies' mega-ship orders.

  • Freight Rates Will Level Off

Maritime transport rates are now higher, and it is unlikely that they will return to pre-COVID levels. However, a few issues must be resolved before freight rates can be stabilized.

How has the global crisis affected the shipping industry?

Countries are not only interconnected but also interdependent in this era of globalization. The above appears to mean that any event in one part of the world will have a cascading effect on the rest of the world. The world is once again experiencing a global crisis as a result of the Corona Virus. The effects of the crisis have been felt across the board in the shipping industry. The majority of shippers canceled their shipments due to a significant drop in demand. As a result of the lack of demand, production was also halted. And it stayed that way for a long time.

The coronavirus pandemic has thrown the shipping industry into chaos on a global scale never seen before. Companies, on the other hand, are looking for innovative ways to deal with shipping delays. Meanwhile, the shipping industry has been swamped with orders and is scrambling to meet them.

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Monday, July 19, 2021

What Is Supply Chain Sustainability, and Why Does It Matter to Your Business?

Supply chain management is an essential component of every company's sustainability strategy. Knowing your vendors' and customers' environmental and economic effects and viability is becoming more widespread as many sectors strive for a more sustainable future. Government demands are unlikely to be the driving force behind this shift, but business constraints on suppliers are already evident.

From product design and development to a selection of materials, production, packaging, transportation, storage of goods, allocation, consumption, return, and disposal, sustainable supply chain management entails integrating environmentally and financially viable practices throughout the entire supply chain lifecycle.

If you simply do not want to lose business in the future, you should consider implementing a corporate sustainability program that includes sustainable supply chain management. As part of that, you should scrutinize your suppliers and providers. Are they able to sustain themselves? Otherwise, your activities will contribute to the ever-expanding web of corporate pressure for a more sustainable future.

Companies are attempting to operate in a more environmentally friendly manner. Going green and being environmentally conscious is undeniably the way of the future. And, to face the future straight on, businesses are developing products and delivering goods and services in environmentally friendly ways.

Sustainability covers several diverse goals in the supply chain:

  • Conservation of the environment
  • Resource conservation is important.
  • Carbon footprint reduction
  • Financial viability and financial savings
  • Taking up social responsibilities

What Is Sustainable Supply Chain Management?

Sustainability is the way of the future, and establishing a sustainability program in your company's supply chain is more vital than ever. This system will assist you in determining your suppliers' and customers' social, environmental, and economic effects and viability. Although the government may not be pressuring suppliers to promote sustainability, there are already business pressures on suppliers. Going green and being environmentally friendly aren't the only aspects of sustainability. It also influences the whole production process, from obtaining raw materials through plant operations to product or service consumption and possible recyclability.

Four Steps to a More Sustainable Supply Chain

  1. Procurement: Most businesses begin their sustainability initiatives by focusing on energy and water procurement, as well as sourcing sustainable materials for their goods.
  2. Processes: Look for operational procedures or stages along the supply chain that might be improved to save time and money.
  3. Releasing: Design goods that can be upcycled and reused to reduce waste and outdated items.
  4. Data and communication: Communicate the effectiveness of the previous three projects, as well as any associated activities, to customers, supply chain partners, and other stakeholders.

Are you ready to reap the benefits of a long-term business model? Start now by partnering with a third-party logistics supplier. Through our services, which include door-to-door cargo, storage, and distribution, e-commerce shipping, airport-to-airport cargo, customs clearance, and more, Friends cargo services rise to the challenge of meeting our clients' demands.


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